ACA Announces Partnership with PixelEdge

The Angel Capital Association is excited to announce our partnership with PixelEdge. With more than 20 years of experience investing in startups among the leadership team at PixelEdge, they understand the challenges facing angels in today's evolving landscape.

“We are constantly striving to enhance member benefits while also fulfilling our role as steward of the angel investment community. Our unique partnership with PixelEdge has allowed us to bring their core competencies and deep subject matter expertise to bear in a new syndication product. In so doing we have eliminated much of the friction around the sharing of deal flow enhancing the opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs,” said Pat Gouhin, CEO, Angel Capital Association.

Pixeledge is a product studio; building digital products and helping to discover product-market fit. At PixelEdge, they believe great ideas have the power to drive positive change and growth. The PixelEdge team helps you transform those ideas into successful digital solutions. The sole focus is to work with entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to build and launch digital products — they have the expertise to know what it takes for a product to be successful.

“The ACA developed a new way to facilitate syndication that generated superior results but required a lot of labor from very busy angel leaders... too much to be sustainable. Being active members of the ACA ourselves, PixelEdge's CEO and I saw a way to help. PixelEdge ​converts ​our client​s manual & spreadsheet-driven processes into modern digital solutions that significantly increase efficiency.​ I'm happy to report that the Beta version out right now already removes 90% of the manual labor most angel leaders had to invest. This has already significantly increased the number of high quality entrepreneurs getting funding from the ACA community. We donated this development to ACA because of our shared belief in the importance of helping entrepreneurs succeed. We're excited to see what can be done together in the coming years,” said Paul Silva, PixelEdge Chief Innovation officer and longtime ACA volunteer. 

If you're interested in getting involved as a Partner, please reach out to Damien Delgado, Director of Partnerships.