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For many emerging companies, the next step is an exit through a private acquisition or merger. If the company is not properly prepared, this exit may be difficult or even less likely to occur. Angel investors, as frequent board members, board observers and informal advisors, may be able to encourage their portfolio companies to take steps to encourage a successful exit.
The Angel Capital Association is excited to announce our newest partnership with Skillcloud - a company that creates customizable HR Managed Services to run your growing payroll, benefits, HR support and talent acquisition.
In this article, we will look at 6 checkpoints that angel investors, regardledd of experience, can use to evaluate an investment opportunity better.
In this article, we’ll review the key M activity trends from 2023 and examine the economic factors, geopolitical influences, and industry developments that could shape the M landscape in 2024.
Incredible Organizational Change, Growth and Advocacy: a Look at the ACA Success and Goals For 2024
K Gates is proud to continue our sponsorship of the ACA, in support and collaboration of its mission to catalyze angel investing resources and drive thought leadership in the early-state capital ecosystem.
Angels often make their first real impact post-investment by helping a portfolio company develop a “real” Board, by insisting on documented processes, key metrics and measures and a more rigorous approach to corporate oversight and accountability. In these ways, better governance can lead to better outcomes, particularly during periods of the earliest stages of company growth, where funding is harder to raise.