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ACA, our members and other thought leaders in early-stage investing continue to put out great articles about investing, industry sector trends, and public policy.  Many of these are useful to investors, entrepreneurs, and the many professionals in the startup ecosystem. 

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By: George Bittlingmayer, professor of finance at the University of Kansas and member of Mid-America Angels

This blog post originally appeared as a column in RealClearMarkets 

The startup scene in Kansas City has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, mirroring the upswing in cities nationwide. In fact, the big, welcome news of the last decade is that tech innovation hubs have expanded beyond Silicon Valley to cities from Austin to Pittsburgh and Boulder to Nashville. Unfortunately, those new, thriving ecosystems of entrepreneurs, incubators and early-stage investors may soon hit a headwind blowing in from Washington, D.C.

Angel investors, the first and often crucial providers of funding for high-growth startups, provided $24.8 billion in growth capital last year, not too far behind the $29.6 billion that came from venture capital. While the overall amounts are similar, angel investors play a distinct role, typically funding businesses earlier and with smaller amounts per company.

ACA interview of John Huston, angel investor, founder and manager of Ohio TechAngel Funds and ACA Chair Emeritus.  The group will host the 2014 ACA Leadership Workshop in Columbus, Ohio.

Editor’s note:  Get to know John Huston and other ACA members via periodic ACA member profiles.  If you have a great idea for this feature, please contact Sarah Dickey.

What should angels expect during the 2014 ACA Leadership Workshop in your hometown of Columbus September 17-19?

This meeting will be a great opportunity for angels to take their craft to the next level and to see the thinking and opportunities available in the Midwest. I am convinced this is the best agenda we have ever had.  I am extremely excited to have angels from throughout the North American ACA membership to fly in to Columbus and fly out energized.  I am particularly looking forward to the kickoff by Mark Kvamme, of Drive Capital which just raised a $250M VC fund focused on Midwest companies.